Peace at Christmas

Sadly you can see my past debauchery now. I used to hang out with right-wingers and even like them.

That confession was dragged out of me. I maintain neither side can possibly be right all the time.

I happen to believe that Australia’s coalition government was one of our most successful. Politicians generally just need a bit of training on how to better work together.

Well my youngsters did accidentally buy me beautifully wrapped doggy treats one Christmas.

Daddy Wouldn’t Buy Me A Bow Wow.

Healthy Dog Treats With Oats

Hump Dogs Hump Our niece’s dog was great fun. It used to hump every leg in sight.

Sadlyfrom memory the issue had to be fixed. Our dog never trusted the vet again after that!

Paul Mc Cartney Pipes of Peace

Christmas Truce of 1914

Dogs need to be entertained. We used to play with ours using things like sticks and balls!

Have fun with your pets this Christmas!

Luke 2:14

I haven’t tried the doggy treats recipe. If in doubt please get expert advice whether the biscuits are suitable for your dogs!