The Time I Visited The Dead

I volunteered in a local school while I was in America. I had not wanted to catch the school bus with the children. I had decided to walk there instead. As usual I had wound up totally lost, so I had found the nearest building from which might be able to make a phonecall.

There is probably never a good time to write about death but people do it anyway. Here in Australia police men and women have just been murdered. I see they have published details of the funeral: Queensland Police Funeral. It always feels worse when things happen this time of year. There is the annual reminder each Christmas. One of the saddest Christmastime events here was the abduction and murder of Daniel Morcombe. It was a big lesson for us all about making sure that children are not left behind at bus stops before and after school.

A Message From Bruce and Denise Morcombe.

The bus drivers here were very particular about ensuring children were picked up safely for a while. Glad that things have changed since my friend witnessed two indigenous children being kicked off a bus in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere.

Child safety will always be my priority. I don’t care how daft I look and how many people I have to scare.

We lost three children in the space of a few months at school.

Queensland Police did a remarkable Sting operation to catch Daniel Morcombe’s killer.They had never given up in their determination to track him down,I have witnessed the grief of people who have lost children first -hand. I read somewhere about a parent who loved to hear the song “Hey Jude” because they had used to sing it with their son before he died.

To all those grieving this Christmas I send my love. I know I still always grieve slightly at Christmas! My mum and I have a bit of a tradition in that we fall out every year on the lead in to Christmas. Mum once told me she wished she could sleep through the whole Christmas period. In my family if you make it through the Christmas period, you are safe for another year. I mean me being me, I had managed to see the funny side of it eventually. I grumble at Dad all the time for dying on Christmas Day.


On a side note narcissists always put on their best performances at Christmas too.

Are You Dating A Narcissist at Christmas?

I view Christmas now as a spectator sport and take bets with myself about the stunts the narcissistic people in my life will pull. I have let go of Christmas Day and just accept it is likely to be a right-off. Has anybody else noticed how they seem to have perfect timing? They will set the day up and pull the rug out from underneath you the minute you show any true happiness. I decided to beat them at their own game.

I no longer plan Christmas. I treat it as an adventure. Luke 2 10-11

How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

It is almost fun to watch the stunts they pull. The children got upset at my impersonation of the Christmas Grinch but it had saved Christmas. I stopped struggling and had decided to join in the fun. I had turned off the oven and abandoned all Christmas activity. I just let go of my end of the rope in the tug of war. I made a game out of having a The Most Miserable Time.

This year I will be serenaded no doubt by the rhythmic banging of the broom from below and the swishing of roller-blading upstairs, I may even join in myself. In keeping with the season, I will accompany the festive music, I may even perform myself. Perhaps I will call a few people.

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