Three’s Company
We were always told that bad things come in threes
I had my second cancer scare. My brother had broken his nose and a toe ( I think)
.Princess Diana – There were three of us in this marriage
I also knew of a pink- haired punk with three people in her marriage.
We will never forget you Diana. We might not be able to see you but you will always be the QUEEN OF OUR HEARTS. In fact we only have to see a ♥ to remember Princess Diana.
I was advised ” Two”s Company. Three’s a crowd.”
Then again, there’s Three’s Company and The Holy Trinity. When I had briefly used a dating app, I was invited to a threesome with a doctor and partner, (Not my idea of fun.) Oh the perils of internet dating.)
The Sultans of Swing
Things like that have a habit of going awry. From memory we had at least one high profile case of murder, from a so-called “open” marriage,
Don’t marriage vows say something
about “forsaking all others.”
I have played gooseberry before.
Making Gooseberry Fool with Mary Berry
I had forgotten the time my friend and I went up to London. We met a really nice guy. He was concerned about us getting back late at night and had very kindly invited us both to stay. We arranged to meet for a date another day 6. I had not allowed sufficient time for mishaps. Apparently I was 50 minutes late, so we never met up again. He had A lucky escape!
West End Girls – Pet Shop Boys
I have actually lived both on the east and west side of London. My ancestral roots are both sides of London. I atto learn to understand the East End accent and terms like the extremely racist “wogbox.”The word wog is much more offensive in the UK than here in Australia. Somebody had painted *Wogs go home!” on a wall mear the East End school where I used to teach. Essex girls were epitomised in Birds of a Feather. I was quite surprised to discover my Great Grandmother was an Essex girl.I would rather play Solitaire
It’s time for us all to stop Hurting Each Other
Listening to all these old songs has made me quite nostalgic.
It’s Yesterday Once MoreI love London but some parts could be quite scary. My part Jamaican friend used to live in Peckham and had spoken of bars on the windows and numerous locks on the door.
Britain was still recovering from the riots too, Footage of The Brixton Riots (1981]
The great thing that came out of this period of unrest in Brixton and elsewhere was the introduction of community policing.
What Is Community Policing?
Police officers would visit people’s homes socially and get to know them. The British police also recruited more members from different ethnic communities.
My nan who grew up in London, spoke of walking home at night and being greeted by a policeman at every corner,
Prevention is better than cure.”
Talking to children in schools and becoming involved within a community are important aspects of policing in my view.
Neighbourhood Watch schemes are great too. Both my parents became heavily involved with Neighbourhood Watch following their burglary.
Our old neighbours were involved in an unofficial Neighbourhood Watch scheme, They watched our property being taken down the road. Nobody called the police. Much the same is happening in my new home. People watch as crimes are committed. They certainly managed to watch my old home enough to find stuff to gossip about, yet when somebody carted off our property in broad daylight, it was
Apparently somebody was able to supervise the operation, whilst standing in the middle of the street! Oh well I suppose Australians are nothing if not consistent!