My Mum Was Rushed Into Hospital

I remember us all walking round Boots The Chemist and my poor mother ending up so unwell that they had sat her down with a glass of water. Mum had ended up needing three pints of blood. I saw her in hospital with the drip in her arm and I was awake all night. I could not stop picturing the drip. I guess it is just one of the slings and arrows life throws at you. Unfortunately the issue seems to run in the family. I am really grateful my daughter takes after her father s side of the family, in that respect. Fortunately minor surgery dealt with my issue, before I too, had needed a blood transfusion.

Donated blood saved my mother’s life, so I had always given blood. I have not been able to give blood in Australia till now, because of their concerns about mad cow disease here in Australia.

We can now give blood! If everybody gives just a little bit,we will all be a whole lot better off.

A belated Happy Birthday Mr President!

I am sure you will not hold your opponent’s youth and inexperience against them.

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