Learning Not To Trust

I have two bulls in my life. Both are stubborn and set in their ways. As long as I don’t have to deal with rubbish

. In fact I am done with rubbish in general. People in this building are too lazy to walk to the next bin and pile everything in the first one. They need the exercise as some of them seem to have way too much time on their hands. Perhaps a little occupational therapy would help. I have at least one friend who is an occupational therapist . I bet they would have some ideas.

I have been searching for my son’s certificate book since we arrived. It must have accidentally gone out with the rubbish.

My son was good about it. I was really upset. I had saved every single one of his achievements. Such a shame!

I would love it to be found and restored. We have all lost enough already both children learned to suffer in silence because I knew if the situation came out the resulting narcissistic injury vould prove fatal to any or all of us!

Family and Domestic Violence. Because we coped nobody seemed to care. Generally the children managed to be the most sensible and caring of their friendship group. It used to infuriate me how my daughter was always expected to be the strong one and how readily she fell in with everybody else’s plans. I have had friends do some lovely things. I was presented with a folder which had been lovingly decorated when I left my filing job. I had loved filing. I have always kept that folder but I bet that has accidentally found its way into the rubbish too!

I remind myself that at the end of our relationships I so desperate to get away from my ex, I was prepared to leave everything and almost everybody behind. I used to trust. I don’t think I ever will again.. I mean I trusted Mr Brexit enough to eat whatever he gave me. I actually trusted all the lads most of the time. I did not develop trust issues till I came here to Australia. I would never participate in anything that might have led ta friend being bullied,

I particularly don”t trust one group of friends. They were a bunch of crabs. I know somebody who is not keeping the Brownie Guide Law

and apparently said to people “I will tell you Whatever you want to know. Perhaps army cadet training would have helped. I did think one of them was a bit pf a saint. He had used to write fascinating letters to me from Antarctica,

I found his wife stuck up, condescending and irritating from the start, I got to the point where I could not even read her letters without being irritated.

Still I know that Jesus Loves You,

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