How to Celebrate 21st Birthdays In The UK

21st Birthdays for men in the UK are a rite of passage. My cousin got close to nature.. He became very attached to a tree. (These days he is really into home-made wine!) Another male friend preferred a more solitary experience. My brother tried an interesting new skin care product. Sadly mum and dad were in America.(Mum and Dad had fun! !They lived with copperheads in the roof. Mum had entered the kitchen and encountered one coiled up in front of the fridge, She had slowly backed away. They had simply been advised how long they had to get to hospital if one of them were bitten.)

Copperhead Road

I remember the language issues we had in America. When we went away we all stayed in one room, so we had requested extra beds. The hotel had said they would supply “cots”. Dad had desperately tried to explain that we were adults. A cot we had eventually learned was a fold-up bed, To Brits and Aussies this is a cot:

I remember because I had to do the washing. It is a time for young men to get stuff out of their system and sow their wild oats.

I want to say our son didvthis with his cot but it is one of the few things he actually didn’t do as a toddler.

For my son’s 21st I got up early and wrote a 21st birthday message in the middle of town, photographed it and sent it to him. He was in quite a hurry later to see it! I think he caught up with his immigrant mates, They were always reliable,

I know he was concerned about his other mates. I do not think my son was alone in getting shoddy treatment from these boys.i think there was at least one other boy who was excluded at their graduation. They were even more cruel to him than they were to my som. Exclusion Is Bullying,

I was always seen home by my friends when I was at college. I exploded once when my daughter had been abandoned. I went to get her myself, My daughter’s mates have been much more reliable than my sons. Even if my best mate is a bit of an “old bag,”I had no idea she had been crying with my mother about me leaving, She is an accountant btw.

She is also a headbanging former biker, She likes to claim I led her astray. She used to be cool before she met me,

Dead Ringer For Love.

She is also my daughter’s godmother. She has always been an amazing one!

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