A Spot of Bovver

I used to get teased for my love of feminine outfits topped off with Doc Marten’s. I remember my father referring to them as clodhoppers. I always seem to need to find ways to sabotage my more feminine outfits. I was often told you could judge somebody by the state of their footwear, i used to wear stilettos(My dad always meticulously polished our shoes.) so I reckon bovver boots probably sum me up quite well. I wore stilettos when I fist started teaching but then got me in trouble.


My brother introduced me to Doc Marten’s. I am so glad he taught me a bit about males. I would have had no idea of the tightrope guys sometimes have to walk to avoid getting in fights. My brother had been out with his mates when Mr”Punch-and-Judy”man had squirted a soda siphon across the bar at somebody. Luckily one of their friends is pretty tall and solid (also very gentle) or who knows where the soda siphon may have ended up.

How To Use A Soda Siphon in 3 Easy Steps

The Quickest Way To Get Into A Fight in A 1960s Australian Pub,

One of the first things I was taught about Australia was that women never used to be allowed in bars. I suspect there may still be bars in the outback where this is the case.

One of the things I liked about Canada was that it was OK to drink beer straight from the bottle even as a woman. Well Canadians do have a bit of a rugged reputation, I happen to rate Canadian men as pretty hot, I used to have a real thing for Bryan Adams. Keanu Reeves is pretty cool too! In fact I like Canadians all round. It was annoying to see them import nonsense from over the border,

Canada was going to be my original destination to teach for a while before I got side-tracked. I know I wasn’t unduly bothered at the prospect of dying in the Canadian wilderness in a canoe. Perhaps my strong Canadian ties are the reason for my affection for Canada.

Robin Scherbansky Being Iconic

Canadians are renowned for their good manners. Justin Trudeau had to apologise for accidentally elbowing a woman in parliament.

Women In Australian Politics I was completely disgusted by the treatment of Julia Gillard in particular but equally she helped keep me going. I saw how much flack she got and still managed to get on with the job. No matter how tempting it must have been to retaliate. For myself in my situation I tried to use passive resistance, I have no problem being stubborn, especially when being bullied, On a side note my son and his friends invented a chase game related to this which had serious consequences, so games which involve hurting each other are never OK.

Carnival of the Animals – Donkey

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