The Murder of Hannah Baxter

I think it is worth revisiting this post by Catchthemoonmary. This time I want to particularly discuss JEALOUSY.

As women we are frequently brought up the successes of male family members and cover for their failures.

I know I spent half my life digging my brother out of trouble. That would have been OK if the favour had ever been reciprocated but he was often the first person to stick the boot in. I had believed we had each other’s backs, until the day my ex had become aggressive in my mother’s home and he had appeared to side with my ex, going so far as to give me a sermon on marriage. He had completely lost my trust from that point on..

It says a lot about a guy when their daughters genuinely like them. Tony Abbottf’s daughters seem to like him. I was concerned however when a story emerged of him punching the wall either side of the head of a fellow female student, None of the young lads I knew at college ever did that. I also want to know why Nazis suddenly felt free to march in Australia, while he was in powerl I had been back to England and was concerned that I might return to a Nazi coup. We have had Nazis in the shadows again lately but they are not as blatantly scary as they were under Abbott. When I am able to find some footage I will put footage of it here.

Being assaulted or abused and having family members defend them is like being assaulted twice. I really hope I have not fallen into that trap. I know I have become really cross with my own daughter when she has allowed others to mistreat her.

My father usually celebrated my successes and commiserated with my failures. Like all of us he occasionally slipped up. However I find the attitude to female success particularly grudging here in Australia. Julia Gillard’s Prime Ministership was the clearest example of this. She was dogged by petty jealousy and men who felt entitled to the position by virtue of their sex.

If she had been given ” A Fair Go” who knows how much more she could have achieve. Let us not forget the ridiculous furore over the carbon tax. We seem to have a collective memory of a goldfish at times.

I became cross with my ex sister-in-law because she was another person who had failed to reciprocate the protection I had afforded her thereby behaving exactly like my brother. I had similarly expended a great deal of energy and made myself really unpopular defending her.

I once heard my ex husband’s sister say “Tell her we are planning a surprise party.” When I had complained about her conspiring with my ex on the phone.

I get it from both sides. I side with what I believe is right, not people.

If b-$$,dy family dramas follow me out here, I will cut contact with all of them.

I knew my ex had my former sister- in- law wrapped around his finger.

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