My Mum Gets Upset…

We are not supposed to talk about her v trying to chuck my brother’s bed out the window. We had been alerted by the sheets dropping past the dining room window. Somebody really should have taught him how to use rubbers properly.

Love Is Like Oxygen – Sweet

I thought she was an absolute legend,

You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Party – Beastie Boys

I fully intend retirement homes into a state of shock I my old age,

Maybe I don’t just need a fluorescent walking stick, maybe I need one with an electric shock button.

We once put a trick soap in the bathroom at a holiday home. My mum ruined it. She had complained that there was something wrong with the soap and had scraped aĺl the black stuff out.

Good luck finding an old people’s home who wants to take me, I can be pretty annoying.

My youngsters threatened to put my Ashes together with my ex husband’s and shake It up, That would definitely cause a big bang,

When the annoying one thought it would be funny to empty a hole punch on our floor, I had persuaded my room mate to spend an entire afternoon punching holes and return the favour.

You Get What You Give – New Radicals

Galatians 6 7-9