Shaping Up To Be Interesting

A favourite tactic of narcissistic people is triangulation.

I am afraid I am a square.

Hip To Be Square

I don’t mind admitting I have been around the world. I also wouldn’t mind being shapely.

Arnott’s Shapes Compilation – Great ads but I personally find the biscuits a bit too salty for me.

The only triangles I want in my life are made of chocolate.

How To Make A Giant Toblerone, -Ann Reardon

A Toblerone Ad from around 2010

Better still Diamonds Are Forever.

In Australia we have The Sapphire Coast, where we have been on The Cat Balou twice, A humpback came right up to me at the back of the boat on one occasion where I happened to be standing.

Eden is appropriately named. They have a great museum where we learned about a man who had been swallowed by a whale.

Man Swallowed By Whale (2020/21)

The Book of Jonah

Jonah 1

In the belly of the whale – Newsboys

Bob Marley & The Wailers/Whalers (Use the correct homophone)

Nineveh repented but this was not enough for Jonah who had sat back waiting to view its destruction.

Where’s The Orchestra ? – Billy Joel

Here they are! Optus Whale Song

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