Follow You. Follow Me.

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Follow You. Follow Me- Genesis This is in my view one of the most beautiful love songs ever written. It was my introduction to Genesis.

Breakfast At Tiffany’s-Hayley Legg

It was like we had met before in some long forgotten time.

I never gave the song a second thought. It just seemed way too out there to think a hit record might be about me and a friend.It is pretty much word for word what we said. He is cleverer than me.

To be honest that is a blessed relief.

This song is something I cannot logic away.. I distinctly remember him saying”Well then that’s the one thing we got.”I knew then I had met my match.

He had outwitted me. Nobody else has ever done that, either before or since!

True Colours!

I felt I had met my match. It was my Waterloo moment. Source; Herts At War (1914-1918)

360 The Battle of Waterloo – Natuonaĺ Geographic

The Battle òf Waterloo (Wikipedia)

The Grave of George Arnold Veteran of The Battle of Waterloo

George Arnold Memorial Service

I knew that this annoying individuaĺ was not going away easily

How Sweet It Is – James Taylor

It was a Sweet.Surrender by Bread.He was part of my life up until that fateful Hollies concert. After that, I ďid write to him once from Australia. He had written back but it had seemed like he was not particularly interested in staying in touch, We’re Òut o f Tòuch.

I Want To Stay With You -Gallagher & Lyle

I want a break. This hurts too much.


I have a v feeling my ex knew about my friend. He had bought my daughter glasses which came in a Tiffaby’s box. He took us to Darlington Beach Ressort. Were they communicating!

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