In Her Own Hands

I just watched Princess Margaret blame The Queen for her misfortunes. My family had little sympathy with her. It was felt she should have been prepared to give everything up and just marry Peter Townsend.

The answer was in her own hands.

Walk Away – Kelly Clarkson

More About Hands

I talk with my hands. I got really upset when my mother held my hands to stop me waving them around so much. I presume it is my French blood.

My Italian husband tries to talk without using his hands. By Carlo and Sarah.

Why Do We Move Our Hands When We Talk?

Olivia Newton John – Hands Across The Sea

Ì would love to see all the ignorant Aussie male chauvinists head to the airport. Then where would they go? The World is waking up and is unlikely to want them. What they really need is a time machine to send them back to an era in which they would be more comfortable:The Flintstones Opening & Closing Scenes

I Feel The Earth Move – Carol King

They would be quite at home in a quarry blowing things up.

By the way The Beatles were originally known as the Quarry Men.

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