I Am Committed To Seeing All Narcissistic Bullies and Those Who SUPPORT Them Receive Consequences for Their Actions

At the bottom of most of the problems in this world are a few evil psychopaths, who inflict trauma upon everybody they encounter. This trauma then multiplies, as it is passed down a chain of we abuse victims.

Chain of Fools ‐ The Commitments

(I really enjoyed the film, The Commitments

Mustang Sally – The Commitments)

I have made a committed to informing as many people as possible about narcissistic

abuse as I can,)

Who Do Narcissists Target?Narcissist Schmarcissist

I find her earlier stuff useful. I find some òf her later stuff a little self-satisfied. I think she falls into the trap of minimising the experience.(Perhaps it is a form of Stockholm Syndrome. Much like many survivors of the former US president, she is in denial. SNL Takes on 2022 Mid Term ELection.

Angel Eyes Cover

Former President’s Supporters from a year ago

HELP! By Tbe Beatles

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