My Naughty List So Far(Please Check for Updates. )

To stay off the naughty list follow The Ten Commandments (Exodus 20)

Until Further Notice:

Successive governments and courts who have not done right by domestic violence victims.



Anybody spying online

My Ex – Rewarded with a lifetime achievement award(unless our children manage to stay off the naughty list He is really important to me.

Vogons and their little helpers


Flying Monkeys- I caught flying monkeys up to nonsense online!

Satan and his minions (To be cast into the Sea of Fire 🔥)

Best Things In Life List;

Your Kiss 💋

Mouth (Merril Bainbridge)

The policeman who rescued us and anybody else who tried to help us

My neighbour and her family

My mum and dad ( Still undecided about my brother)My brother got stopped once in his car by the police. Apparently the policeman had said, “I don’t recall that hand signal being in the road handbook,”( I doubt his version was friendly.) One of his star turns was vomiting out his upstairs bedroom window all down the front of the house. Mum dragged him out of bed and made h[m clear it up, while he still had a massive hangover. Mum said he was cleaning the windows with one hand and holding his head with the other. (I had to go and collect our son from a nearby station one time after he had gone out with mates. A lovely ìndian guy working at the station had called me.) I was proud of our son too for not trying to sneak home on the train without paying, The times I had issues with him were almost exclusively related to contact with his father and my ex in-laws. Father & Son .)

I explained to my youngsters early about everything being swept under the carpet in that family. I have tried to be as open as possible with both our children. I told my ex if he ruined any more birthdays, I would ruin every one of his for the rest of his life. One Christmas I just called a halt to Christmas until I was sure my ex wasn’t going to ruin it. I was no longer prepared to have a tug of war with him.

I was not keen on mum’s window cleaner, I couldn’t escape him leering at me, One day I had hidden from him behind the cistern in the downstairs bathroom. Dad did not like him either and eventually sacked bim. The window cleaner had made me feel nervous of going home at times.

My best friend and anybody on my team

Please watch for updates.

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