How To Get On The Naughty List

1. Smirk- Smirking makes you look like a narcissist or psychopath to those of us in the know.

2.Slow walk my superannuation claim

If I go offline, it is because CBus is doing exactly that.

3.Be rude or offensive

4. Bully anybody. (especially women and children.)

5. Spy on people.

6.Be unkind or unfair.

7.Be Telstra. If I don’t get cut off, I take it all back.

8. Try to force people to get microchipped.

9.Deliberately ruin ,Christmas for anybody.

10. Any form of passive-aggressive behaviour.

For quick and easy tips on how to get on the naughty list watch Benny Hill for ideas.

Santa says, “Treat others how you would like to be treated so that we can all have a good Christmas.’

Samaritan’s Purse (One of my friends poured her heart and Soul into Samaritan’s Purse.

Operation Christmas Child 2022

K Mart Wishing Tree Appeal Really an easy way to help a child at Christmas.

Matthew 7:12

Remember:Santa Claus is Coming To Town.

I have a Hotline to Santa.(How else do we keep our offspring in line at Christmas!)

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