Mt youngsters and I helped each other through narcissistic abuse and its aftermath. There were plenty of times I wish I could have told my ex Don’t Come Around Here No More but it was the safest way fot the children to see their father. My whole goal was to keep ourselves safe. (A little bit more hopeful about CBus today but we shall see.)In fact the children and I always had to work as a team. I have been there for them not requiring housekeeping while they were still students, although in the latter stages of Covid, they did help out buying some food. They also chipped in occasionally. They can both cook and take care of themselves now, which has always been my goal.Some days I did not feel able to afford the water to shower. My son did not realise that I skipped my showers if I did not have to go out. His showers : generally quite lengthy.(Sesame Street – Water Conservation)I considered it cruel to teach them to be dependent on me. Then I would have been the Narcissist.United We Stand – Brotherhood of Man (live) I have always had to deal with hecklers on the sidelines but despite this our youngsters are Amazing!..

My pagan friend used to love this song: MilkshakeI used to make a lot of smoothies, mainly banana or strawberry.

Watch Out for the homophone error!
What have I upset the hecklers? Shake It Off!!We have probably all caught a few narcissistic fleas so I am reluctant to get too close to people in truth. Especially when I still had his voice ringing l oudly in my ears.How To Tame A Pitiless Inner Critic – The School of LifeThanking Your Mind – Russ HarrisDon’t Be So Hard on Yourself – Lara George This song was very kindly recommended to me by an acquaintance.My young adults are now making their own choices and mistakes now. That was my goal all along, so as far as I am concerned anything ìs a victory from now on… His Name is VictoryWe have has a spate of gloomy weather here. Maybe that will change when God’s light is allowed to shine through the darkness.Ain’t No Sunshine – Bill WithersDays without sunshine can be annoying.Good Day Sunshine ☀️ The BeatlesWalking on Sunshine – Katrina & The WavesYou Are The Sunshine of My Life – Stevie WonderSee Also: 1:3

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