Vogons & Boomerangs

I have just discovered that my super fund has done absolutely nothing to process my claim. They received a second form after telling me the first form had arrived blank. They did not bother to tell me the first form had arrived blank. I sent it again They did nothing about it for days and could not find it on their system. I have just sent it again. I rang to check it had arrived ok. They told me they could not tell me for two hours!

So this is going to be another wasted day.

They told me an incorrect number for my super account. To get to speak to them I had to pose as a potential customer as I could not get through to them as they had sent me an incorrect account number and their system would not let me in without an account number.

This sort of thing really makes me angry as I am reasonably confident with technology. How on earth does a more elderly customer, without family to ho help them cope?

The Vogons are at work again.

“They are one of the most unpleasant races in the galaxy, not actually evil but… beaurocratic, officious and callous.”

My Boomerang Won’t Come Back

Please revisit later today to see an update on how things are going and to learn the name of the company if necessary.

Wait for Me – Hall & Oates

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