All I Need Is A Miracle – Mike & The Mechanjcs

Luke 19 37

The Tears of A Clown – Smoky Robinson& The Miracles

Ten Signs of a Heyoka INFJ (Sacred Clown)

What Does McDonald’s Look Like Around The World

MacDonald Australia – Together and Lovin’ It

So now you can all “burger off!” I hope you have enjoyed my nuggets of information.

My Happy Place

I’m Lovin’ It

All My Lovin’ – Beatles ( Colourised performing in my home away from home, Washington DC.)

Underneath The Arches -Andrews Sisters

Sadly a homeless man was kicked out of McDonald’s. A man from Cardiff came to the rescue of a homeless woman who was refused water by McDonald’s.

Icona Pop – I Love It

(I used to get mocked by a guy from Cardiff ( We shared a house and a love of music.) for my unhealthy McDonald’s addiction.) He doesn’t know how close he came to being knocked unconscious by something falling from above, when his girlfriend had lost her keys.( I cannot really remember us disagreeing about much, He obviously had a serious disagreement with jis fellow band member as the band split up.

Piney Gir – Say I’m Sorry

Actually I loved him dearly but he was a bit like Marvin:

He was very talented. His girlfriend waited around for him for well over a decade.You Keep Me Hanging on- Kim Wilde. I have quite a few pictures of him but I always ponder the picture of him done by his former girlfriend.

Bare Necessities- Megan’s Jazz Band.

Mind you we all were pretty scantily clad in France. Oh yes he hates films with subtitles!

Cinema Paradiso. He probably has a plaque on his desk saying,

“Paul Mc Cartney sat here.”