Love Is Messy

I have no problem getting rid of the people in my life, who are fake. The good side of narcissistic abuse is that it does exactly that. I watched them drop off one by one. My darkside was I am interested in their manoeuvres. I focussed on the job I had to do, raising my youngsters and I watched the friendships of other people come and go. I think I may have even said, “Either you are my friend for life or don’t bother.”

I am all or nothing. So it doesn’t bother me that much any more once somebody reveals their true nature to me. I become detached and analytical. There is nobody I analyse more than myself.

This whole love thing is illogical. I have given it a go. The experiment failed spectacularly!

My current theory is that man plus woman equals an explosion and a lot of mess to clear up.

Loved this: Aja Volkman


Some messes are good.

How To Make Eton Mess My best friend introduced me to this on a trip to the UK. I used to get my youngsters to make it.

Beautiful Messy Journey Called Motherhood

Pushy Mothers – The Middle

Yes despite all the years saying I would never be a fussy mother, I became one.

The lovely headmaster once hid in the stationery cupboard to avoid me.

Just One Look – Hollies

I think I must have annoyed him. He was probably tapping Morse code from the cupboard.


Years later bless him he went out of his way to ask how my youngsters were doing whilst I was sat in a coffee shop.(This one used to be a fantastic bookshop too.)

Proverbs 31:25

I can’t remember the last time I had dignity.

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