It is all hogwash!

I conducted an experiment today to test a theory.

Conclusion: as usual with toxic people, it is all bulls#@t. Why am I not surprised!

Please ignore all ads associated in any way with my blog until further notice. If you want to drive me nuts then the best way is to make me sit through more political rhetoric.

Serves me right!! I was accurate the first time.

“We are all screwed!”See you at the end of the world.

It is all fun until somebody loses an eye.

Horrible Histories – Lord Nelson

Once again I will remind you that you need to use discernment on the web. Narcissism is exploding.

Check everything thoroughly. Misinformation is rife!

Everything with narcissists is about power and control! Speaking of which the advertising in the current election campaign seems extremely unfair. I have been bombarded by ads from one side and I can’t find any ads whatsoever for the other side. I had to delve into the Old Testament to assuage my mood.

Leviticus 24:19

Eve of Destruction

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