Three’s Company

We were always told that bad things come in threes

I had my second cancer scare. My brother had broken his nose and a toe ( I think)

.Princess Diana – There were three of us in this marriage

I also knew of a pink- haired punk with three people in her marriage.

I was advised ” Two”s Company. Three’s a crowd.”

Then again, there’s Three’s Company and The Holy Trinity. When I had briefly used a dating app, I was invited to a threesome with a doctor and partner, (Not my idea of fun.) Oh the perils of internet dating.

Things like that have a habit of going awry. From memory we had at least one high profile case of murder, from a so-called “open” marriage,

Don’t marriage vows say something about “forsaking all others.”

I have played gooseberry before.

Making Gooseberry Fool with Mary Berry

I would rather play Solitaire

It’s time for us all to stop Hurting Each Other

Listening to all these old songs has made me quite nostalgic.

It’s Yesterday Once More

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