Some Good Old-Fashioned Self Pity and Remembering The Good ‘Ole Days.

Well You Tube seems to have accessed my songs for a broken heart. I can’t believe this one Cruel Sumner by Bananarama came up. I loved Cruel Summer. It was my “feel sorry for myself” song. When my best male friend had moved away I played this all Summer long and beyond. I missed him so so much.

Why Don’t You Write Me ?Simon & Garfunkel

Just listening to it brings it all back to me.Jason Manford – Geordie The Friendliest Accent My youngsters have heard him online. Apparently he has already been given a nickname.My son was impressed and caused me to re-evaluate things. This contrasts with my marriage where I just longed to be left alone. I have decided I would rather be alone than inadvertently inflict any toxic fleas I mjght have picked up on somebody else.”if you lie down with Dogs, you get fleas.”

Under Your Thumb- Godley & Creme


Caution Headbanging has been known to cause serious injury & death

Nobody Likes Me. Everybody Hates Me.

This is another good one to be miserable to. (Our son has probably eaten a few worms over the years.) Fortunately his tendency to put everything in his mouth had stopped once he got a little older. Mind of A Teenage Boy-Iballright celebs

Obviously he never ate the worm that turned. The early bird must have caught it…

Early Birds & Worms

We need political figures who do not worm their way out of everything.

My favourite tv couple were also into worms.

The Good Life’ – Tom & Barbara’s Home-Made Wine

This was the best sitcom ever in my view. My fantasy was to live the life of Tom & Barbara-Urban self-sufficiency. Their relationship was adorable. Sitting round the table with a glass of home-made wine and just enjoying each other’s company.

Tom & Barbara’s Posh Night Out

My ex and I had lived a much simpler life in the UK. We had saved up for a knife block with Greenshield stamps. I think I have kept the knife block. My class worked out that the knife block had cost us some astronomical amount in petrol purchases. One of the lads bless him had even suggested they had a knife block we could have. ☺

The Good Life- Barbara Gives A Talk

I loved my garden and my worms.