I Already Got In Touch!

Cold As Ice

I am surprised he didn’t just send me an election flyer…

Ask Yourself This During A Breakup

He always knew where I was. He could have reached out any time. I had no idea where he was other than a public office.

Logic kicks in…

If this is all Somebody’s elaborate revenge then it has said more about them than it does me… They must be really insecure.

If it was meant to hurt, I am perfectly happy. (Anything is happy compared to living with an abuser.)At least I know somebody really loved me once upon a time and he knows, I Never Really Loved You Anyway

John 8:32

If anybody annoying wants me to remove all references, then I’d Do Anything from Oliver (Twist)


The saddest scene in Oliver Twist is the death of Nancy at the hands of her abusive, controlling partner, Bill Sykes

(Sadly intimate partner homicide is long – standing problem!!)

It’s no thanks to the system that we’re still Alive & Kicking – Simple Minds

Story of Adam & Eve in The Bible

You Are The Sunshine of My Life Shirley Bassey (Another of my father’s favourite singers)

For You if you have encountered a Web 🕸 of lies.

Shirley Bassey ‘ Goldfinger

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