What is happening in the UK? This government has been in since 2007. What have they got to show for it? From here it just looks like things are going from bad to worse? People are hungry, sick and cold. Every time I check out UK news lately, I am horrified. I see people are struggling to buy meat. Mum used to buy a joint on Sunday. I would then mince the left over meat. Mum would sometimes pad the meat out with soy mince. I never recall us going hungry. We lived of stews and things like liver and bacon. Australians don’t seem to really eat offal. I used to love steak and kidney pie.

How To Make Steak & Kidney Pie by Eat It or Starve

My ex husband had introduced me to one of our staples. I really love it.

How To Make Corn Beef Hash – Super Easy & Yum

Our version was even simpler. We found it better without the onion. We just covered the top with cheese.

Another staple was tuna casserole which my youngsters considered an instrument of torture, until I had found a better recipe, which had involved basically almost creating a shepherd’s pie type dish using tuna. My son is a tuna connoisseur. He prefers being bought cans of John West Salmon to even chocolate. It was always his special treat. I would buy heaps of cans whenever they were on special. John West Tuna Advert

Tuna Recipe To Follow (From memory I had added cheap chicken soup and herbs to make the base of the casserole and then put mashed potato and cheese on top, garnished with tomatoes and herbs, which I grew in the garden. I believe many herbs originate from a Mediterranean climate, so they grow like weeds here. My cousin once told me, he hadn’t had much success with Rosemary in the UK. I suspect this may be changing now with the UK hitting 39 degrees recently.

I used to share my crops as a form of tithing.

It would be really nice to see a right wing government that does not screw over the poor in order to be able to give tax breaks to the wealthy. I mean government services normally need all the help they can get. (I thought Vogons were a British phenomena but I can reassure everybody that there are Vogons in the Antipodes too. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Vogon Bureaucracy)

My family still live in the UK. What happens there effects me profoundly. Looks like punk needs to make a comeback.

Sham 69 – Hurry Up Harry

Sham 69 – Rip Off

The Rich are Getting Richer. The Poor are Getting Poorer

What Are Government Departments for?- Yes Minister

I wonder if an infrastructure program such as Australia embarked upon during the Global Financial Crisis might benefit the UK and keep people in work.

Wayne Swann Named World’s Greatest Treasurer. I have mentioned before the children’s school got Astroturf thanks to the program initiated by Labour during the Global Financial Crisis.

Wayne Swann – Beyond The GFC I have not checked this out yet.

As my ex husband would say, “You have to spend money to make money.”

I Respectfully Disagree

One of the better sides of Tony Abbott came out when his sister openly campaigned against him on gay marriage: Same – Sex Marriage – PMs Sister Speaks Out. I am not usually a fan but his ego was able to withstand his sister publicly disagreeing with him. He handled it with good grace.

Tony Abbott – President of the USA of Australia

You May Be Right – Billy Joel

The Political Spectrum

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