Pulling The Plug

This is me and Sims all over again!

How To Fight An Online Gaming Addiction

Clinic Helps Teen Gaming Addicts -BBC

They Didn’t Agree on Much

All You Need is Love

(So quit bugging me!! )

AND SOME TLC Unpretty. I am proud of my Battle Scars.

Barbarians Rising – Boudica – Warrior Queen

Proverbs 22:6

Joyce Meyer told us to Wiggle towards the healing pool. I have been busy Wiggling

Wiggles Dancing Around The World. We have seen the Wiggles live. ( I Invited my ex mother-in-law along too.)I also spent months fixing up all her old photos. I was an expert with Adobe Photoshop for a while. I LOVE ❤ retouching old photos. It was my relaxation.Photoshop Tutorial- Photo Restoration, How to repair and restore damaged photographs by JB Colourisation. (This became a particular passion of mine.) I even colourised a few using colorise-me.) I have also painstakingly restored old video on a frame by frame basis. I adore playing around with photos. I restored the wedding video of a friend of my in-laws. I don’t think I ever sent it to them, as we broke up and I was pretty busy looking after our youngsters, divorce etc. Scrapbooking was a big feature of my life too… DIY Aesthetic Scrapbook

I have also used digital scrapbooking programs. I will be using my old friend Canva from now on. Google photos has been helpful but I miss the early days of Adobe Photoshop Elements. Google has been sending me memories which is quite a nice feature too. I forwarded one to my daughter the other day.

(I had a friend I used to scrapbook with but unfortunately I caught her gaslighting. She alienated me from another friend. I was able to prove the gaslighting but somehow I think I still came out the bad guy.)

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