Saying Grace

I was a long way from home with no support network and virtually no money when my marriage broke up. I know we have a great welfare system here but the backbone of our survival was saying Grace for every meal. I needed to live by my values and remember to say thank you. Worship music was also a big factor in our survival. As far as I was concerned anything was easy compared to living in an abusive marriage. I watch abuse videos now just to remind myself what God has brought us through already, I found this helpful at the time.

Don’t Stop – Fleetwood Mac Seems to contradict me but it gave me hope.

Our prayer was very simple: Thank you for this “wonderful” meal before us in the name of Jesus Amen” 🙏

Prayer Before Meal- Children’s Prayer

One Day At A Time Sweet Jesus – Linda Randle

I had playlist of my favourite Christian songs I played at every meal. I called my playlist Hope.

It featured songs likeDo It Again – Elevation Worship

God has promised he will provide.

Luke 12:7

A light-hearted look at saying Grace.

The Boswell’s Dinner Table

Thankful & Grateful for Food 🙏

Family 👪 Prayer Blessing Before Meals