Integrating With Australian Culture (Part One)

Plenty of well-meaning advice does not apply when you are an immigrant. Immigrants in many countries are not allowed the luxury of not fitting in or of standing up for themselves. Your job as an immigrant is to slip in quietly and try not to be noticed, especially for the first few years.Young immigrants need to ensure they fit into Australian youth culture.

I used Corey Worthington’s misadventure as a teaching moment about parties with my youngsters. I know everyone will disagree with me but I liked him. I think he should have been interviewed by a guy who got up to a few things in his youth. He might have reached him. He really taught my children about the dangers of putting things on the web and how parties can get out of hand.

They need to understand the way Australian Apprentices learn their trade.Then there is that well-established traditional Cigarette Break. I have never seen my ex smoke. He always found the Neverending stream of people on “smokos”. frustrating.

“No worries!”This phrase is the non- English- Speaking migrant’s number one survival tool. Of course English-language courses are available. I should probably attend as there are still some phrases I ask my youngsters about.How To Speak Australian! ABBREVIATE EVERYTHING

Why do Australian Bogans(unsophisticated persons) Swear So Much? I know why I swear: (a) Dealing with Vogons(b) Dealing with ex husband and his family and their (See Below!)

I don’t know about anything else so you can ###$ off ( I have really learned to swear in the last couple of decades. I wish I had discovered it earlier there are quite a few people in my life I wish I had told to “Naff off!” Princess Ann was admired in many circles when it was believed she had finally told reporters to “Naff Orf!!” (Orf is how people with posh accents say “off” )I wish I had fully mastered swearing when my last student home became the setting for a soft porn movie

It Was The Heat of The Moment – Asia

It still makes no sense to me. I see it as a calculated attempt to hurt and humiliate me.

(Gee in the midst of the hassles of the last few years, I had forgotten I used to sing along with this! It goes deeper than that if I am honest. I used to pour my heart and soul into it and cry. I see this song came out in 1996. Wow I thought I remembered listening to it in the early 2000s!) I have an image of me listening to it in the bedroom of our old home. It is a beautiful song. I had just wanted to hear from him. Probably just as well I hadn’t. I had two small children who had to be my priority back then.

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