Not Being There or McCavity Strikes Again


Old Possum ‘s Book of Practical Cats – Source ; Wikipedia I Met A Man Who Wasn’t There- Antagonish by Hughes Mearns

If you want a truly narcissistic person to attend something it is necessary to provide an audience. (preferably clapping and cheering)

She’s Not There Santana

I watched the Narcissist chase round doing stuff for one of our neighbours while struggling to get him to pick up prescriptions for his own children. I had threatened to knock on our neighbour’s door and ask her to ask him to help me. I would have done it too.

I’m Gonna Knock on Your Door – Little Patti

Door Knocking Sound Effect

Street Angel, Home Devil

The Narcissist is The Ultimate Street Angel and Home Devil

Source: Melanie Tonia-Evans


Source: Narcissist Schmarcissist.

I was terrified he would really hurt one of the children one day. He had once chased my daughter into the house but fortunately there is just something about her and she had emerged unscathed. I believe he had chased her round the table. Somehow though she had broken the atmosphere and it had almost become a comedy. She does seem to be his Achilles heel. She first stood up to him at around 12. He had tried to force her to walk further than she had wanted. She had just walked off and left him. My son once walked 12 miles Home when he had tried to turn him into a lackey for the narcissists own family. It had taken him a little longer to stand up to his father,

Joking aside though I was never sure he wasn’t going to abandon them in the middle of nowhere if they had dared to defy him.

Lost In The Middle of Nowhere -Becky G

In The Middle of Nowhere- Dusty Springfield

I have only recently realised how much I love Dusty Springfield.


German Tourist Lost In The Outback Survives Three Weeks

Even Australian natives have been known to die.

Tragic End for Search for Man Missing In The Australian Outback

Mystery of Australia’s Highway of Death – The Project

Every now and again I forget how long I have been here and how well I know this place, warts and all. So if you want some brutal honesty about visiting Australia please do not hesitate to contact me.

I have told my own children to move overseas if they ever feel like they might be gay for example:

Judicial Enquiry Into Gay Hate Crimes Begins. Source; ABC News

I believe a friend’s son whom I watched grow up, has been gay-bashed. I sometimes think there is no crime worse in Australia than being homosexual.

I can honestly say in my experience in the UK, most people did not much care about your sexuality, even back in the seventies. In fact the guy in Man About The House had to pretend to be gay in order to be allowed to share a house with two young ladies. (Love that she is scraping the toasting this episode. My grandmother had an old-fashioned toaster and had always burnt the toast or done a King Alfred as she called it.(The video sounds like a lovely father-daughter project.) Toast ” Streetband

Here if I have avocado it is usually on n toast.Avocados take me back to Egypt. My favourite song from that time was Ride on Time by Black Box.

The Dad’s accent even sounds vaguely familiar.) It reminds me of somebody I used to know.(Love the game he is playing with his daughter

Both my parents were always very accepting of my gay friends. One of my gay friends told me point blank in the nineties that he would never visit me here in Australia.

This song was a hit in 1978 in the UK:Sing If You’re Glad To Be Gay Tom Robinson.Interesting he makes a clear reference to the Aids epidemic at the beginning of the video. We also had Princess Diana reaching out to Aids victims.

1986 Aids (Australian Ad)

I think songs like this had really helped change attitudes. I mean we all happily sang along with it (regardless of our sexuality) back then.

I have struggled to open people’s minds here. People seem to feel they have to apologise for having gay children.

I always go back to my dear friend who was fretting before he went home to tell his mother that he was gay. Apparently she had said,

” Is that all dear. Have a cup of tea.” What a wonderful woman. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ ๐Ÿ™.

The British do love their tea. More British self-deprecating humour below;

Bernard Cribbins – Right Said Fred ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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