Angry Young Men

Angry young men get a lot of bad press. It has often been angry young men, who have changed the world. I was thinking about one particular message I got from my own son, expressing his own anger and frustration. I had told him, I understood only too well where he was coming from. I was pretty angry too.

Ok criticise me for making it about me but sharing our mutual anger had had actually made us both laugh and brought us closer.

Personally I have generally found angry, young men to be ok. We need to listen to our angry, young men. There is a lot to be said for their raw honesty and emotion.

My mum would always say to Dad,

“Have you never been young.?”

Poor dad never had the luxury of being young I think. He had needed to grow up fast. I am afraid I will always be like a big kid inside. I remember being young and I feel for young people. I have tried never to be that grumpy old lady complaining about young people. I love to see the world through their eyes.

I see it as normal for young men to get into scrapes. However i still believe somebody has to love them enough to kick their behinds. Wild Women and Bone- Headed Bros There is not much my brother did not get up to. You are going to hate me for this one but he was at the back of the church opening beers one Christmas Eve. Opening A Beer Can. He always used to be fun.if it weren’t for him I would be a real bore. Something happened and he lost his spark. We used to be mates. Apparently I was the one my ex sister-in- law knew my opinion mattered to him. That had shocked me.

My mum was a hero for chucking my brother’s bed etc out of the window. Men need to be taught not to mess with us any more.

To help young men understand women more:

This guy’s mum obviously knows what she’s about. She has raised a son with a great sense of humour. I loved it when my son used to impersonate me. He also started mocking my daughter and I fighting by singing,Why Can’t We Be Friends?

I would rather my son hate me than we end up with a relationship like this:The Best of Sheridan and Hyacinth/Keeping Up Appearances