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I think he recognised that he had better watch himself when it came to the children. Even I did not recognise back then how much of a fighter I actually was. Once he had hurt the children, I was done!

I had watched a few videos about the Danish concept of hygge.

7 Ways To Create A Hygge Home. I bought the children special blankets. I made extravagant hot chocolate. (We had fantastic hot chocolates at the National Gallery of Victoria (2007)which I have been trying to replicate ever since.) and used wax melts to try and create a comforting atmosphere for our youngsters. I also had a special play list I would play each day at meal times. This did seem to settle our youngsters through all the hurt. My hot chocolate was basically melted chocolate and cream, topped with mini marshmallows. Oh yes I had also discovered Nigella Lawson’s chocolate chip cookie recipe.

The Hurting – Tears For Fears This had originally been my favourite track on the album back in the eighties. It was a bit annoying that they had never released it as a single. It is so raw. It is not easy to share difficult emotions like pain. See also: This is why I am so done with my ex.He nearly destroyed our son with his hot and cold behaviour. I have had to try and remain totally consistent. Our youngsters and I would joke that I was consistently irritating.

I recall I could get a bit resistant to change myself when I was younger. Sheldon Sad Over Changes. I do think males in general often struggle with change more than females. On the other hand I have in my adult life hated feeling stuck in a rut. –STUCK IN A RUT

The Day Before You Came -Abba

I would rebel on London Transport and sit on a different seat on the bus or train. I could tell some people thought I was pretty annoying but honestly I felt like a robot. Actually the train does not sound like the British Rail I remember, “left the station just as it was due.😂 Clockwork BBC British RaIl Time Keeping

Compilation of Michael McCintyre’s Best Jokes About Public Transport 😆

Michael McIntyre

My mum would talk about her experience one day on London Transporr. A man had raced with a female friend of hers for a seat. He had reached the seat first. She had lifted his arm aloft and cried, “The Winner!” As my brother might say, “Do you want a medal or a chest to pin it on?”

I had a similar experience at a party here in Australia. I was eight months pregnant at the time.

Do New Yorkers Actually Give Up Their Seat For A Pregnant Woman

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If I am not communicating much with you at the moment, it is because I love you too much to become a negative experience for you. PLEASE do not take it personally I know it’s annoying but it’s just the way I am. I do not want to end up feeling like this again.

Storm In My Soul -Gallagher and Lyle

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