I learned to check things and even though I did, I still never knew he was being threatened with legal action for example. He was always up to something.Somehing went on between him and the woman down the street. She came running like a little puppy when he had appeared. I used to find it both hilarious and pathetic. She had stopped making eye contact with me.The behaviour of the gullible fan club endangered us.

I am disappointed to discover people I once admired playing games and letting themselves be enlisted as flying monkeys. My ex went as far as running to raise money for the domestic violence cause. All the while his behaviour towards us had not changed in any real way. For him it was just an exercise in networking, so he could enlist more flying monkeys.I see it worked. 😆

Apologise- One Republic

I let myself be used like that once and I sorely regret it but some people never seem to learn. I obviously relaxed too much and dropped my guard judging by recent events. In my view most abusers do not change. They just change tactics and become more covert, except now they are able to enlist gullible therapists to further perpetuate the abuse. Their pride in their success in rehabilitating abusers exposes their naivety. I realise I married an abusive person but at least I try to learn from my mistakes.Amazes me that I could walk around with bruises all over my body and nobody does anything. Yet one libellous social media campaign was enough to bring out the rabble.

As my parents would say, “There’s one born every minute.”

CAUTION ⚠️ Sarcasm Ahead!!!

Why not just find ways to just get rid of all those irritating poor people while you are at it. They are just a drain on the economy.

Mitchell and Webb – Kill The Poor

Who sold you on that idea? Talk about gullible.

In need of some good ‘ole British therapy. Whoops I think I am a bad influence.

And Aussie attitude…

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