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John 6:35

Sinead- Ode To Billy Joe

I remember my ex and I having trouble getting hold of contraception in Ireland. We had eventually asked and they had produced some from a drawer.

Let’s Talk About Why Billy Joe Jumped Off The Tallahatchie Bridge by Beau of The Fifth Colum

I am not sure I agree with Beau here.

My personal view is that there was a baby and that was what the two of them threw off the bridge (A miscarried child). Billy Joe may have been devastated and subsequently killed himself). Well that’s my theory anyway. The conversation at the table is being contrasted with the devastation they had felt for each other and for the loss of their child. The child’s body would have been taken by alligators. Mississippi Delta Alligators . That is my theory anyway.

Will Roe v Wade Decision Affect Birth Control?

Maybe if Mississippi started to treat women, black people a little better the water issues would resolve. (Just A Theory)

A Brief History of Contraception – The Atlantic

I believe I have just been disempowered by somebody who felt I should have chosen a different video.

Healthcare for v Women in Mississippi Under Scrutiny WJ12 TV News

I saw the devastation caused by a miscarriage when I was sick in hospital. (It had made me realise what my brother and his then fiance had been through.) The poor woman had cried for hours. She was left begging for a sandwich whilst the nurse ignored her and completed paperwork, I had offered to make a sandwich. The nurse had finally decided to do something. My friend was also treated callously following a miscarriage. She says she believed the nurses thought she had had an abortion.

Breaking The Silence of Pregnancy Loss – Ted X Talks (Greenville, Kentucky)

Studying family history made me realise just how many in my family had suffered pregnancy loss. My aunt and her husband who used to give me Smarties and had bought me the poetry book, had a brother she had never known about. I put all these lost children on my family tree.

Miscarriage- A Poem From A Man’s Perspective

This is so beautiful.

Tears in Heaven – Matt Boyd and Esmee Denters

Source: Matt Boyd

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex Reveals She Suffered A Miscarriage

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, The Losses We Share

Source: New York Times

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