Right Wing Governments & Infrastructure

When I left the UK in 1996 infrastructure was really rundown. The right wing had been in power since 1979. When I went back at the end of 2000, Labour had been in power since 1997, the first thing I had noticed was how much the train  service in particular had improved.

We had a similar situation here in Australia  from what I saw schools were left in a state of ill repair, which the Gillard Labour minority government had then somehow managed to fix. The joke used to be in the UK that whenever things got nationalised, they ceased to function properly.Ronnie Barker on British Rail Under The Callaghan Labour Government (1974-1979)

It now seems to me that successive years of right wing government have left most things chronically underfunded.

From the outside looking in they are deliberately causing the NHS to die the death of a  thousand cuts. I was worried when the British government was getting heavily involved with the American government, that their healthcare systems would become intertwined. It seems to me that at is already happening. Moves are afoot to destroy the NHS and give American companies access to the British healthcare system in my humble opinion.

The Cost of British Healthcare V US Healthcare

Let’s not forget the UK Conservative Government’s disasterous handling of Covid. There were hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths. It was the same in the US. It is not acceptable before the world’s  leading superpower to have bridges where you can look through holes to see the water below for example. As for the covid death toll. How could you ever consider re-electing the leader who caused America to have the world’s highest death toll?

I swear you are all like Dory the fish.

giphy.com This may have cost me the man I love but it’s the truth!!

Now say what you want about the Morrison Government here in Australia (and believe me I had many issues with the scary path they were going down,) they probably saved hundreds of thousands of Australian lives. The Labour Government here had also put the people first and put the politics aside. The UK covid death toll was the second worst per capita in the world from memory or has everybody forgotten that?

I haven’t.  I cried every day for weeks and pointed out to people here in Australia how fortunate they were.

On the whole though it seems to me that right wing governments worldwide let everything get run down so that they can enrich themselves personally.

I have just been watching this by Emma Anders, handbag expert, who also happens to be a UK Doctor.

Why I Quit Being A Doctor After 12 Years

The Tories have been in power since 2007. Why is the British Healthcare System still in such deep trouble?

Time to go outside on your doorsteps again and fight for the NHS and the wonderful medical staff.

There’ll Be Days – A Tribute To Healthcare Workers

⚠️ Caution Contains Strong Language

Honest Government Ad UK – Juice Media

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