If We ‘re Being Honest

I had one friend here whom I trusted and she died.

Another frustrating habit here is people cancelling arrangements at the last minute. This has almost destroyed my son. I think people here have a bad case of FOMO. Every time you let my son down, my daughter and I had to put him back together. I hurt for him.”With friends like you, who needs enemies.” 💔 I am not as angry as I was a few days ago fortunately.

You shallow little

Put an s on that as there is more than one of you!!!

I have one friend who is a nice person but she has cancelled on me 80-90 percent of the time. I decided no more after over twenty years of this. She even managed to ruin a long- standing arrangement I had with someone else. I didn’t care the reason. I had given her options, anticipating a last- minute cancellation. She had ignored them.

I was finally done.

My youngsters and I used to bet on whether she would cancel at the last minute.They had hated to see me hurt.

Russell Brand on The Fear of Missing out

The only thing I am scared of missing out is the things that matter to my youngsters.

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