I Was Once Stood Up By A Policeman

I had one experience of being asked out by a policeman, He stood me up. Fortunately I had my best friend with me. I seem to have known a lot of policemen over the years, One of them was a neighbour and he had given my mum a few driving lessons. Maybe he should have taught his wife, as I remember her driving through the back of their garage!!


At least two of my school friends became policemen. They both moved to an area infamous for its concrete cows. Ah yes all I had to do was type “concrete cows” into Google and it came up straight away. I do not know however if this is specific to my Google. My oldest policeman friend used to loan me his games at school. I believe he was there from day one at infant’s school.I am not sure about that. Life probably gets quite lonely for policemen. Dating must be hard if they have to continually stand people up.

Message In A Bottle – The Police

So Lonely – The Police

I also knew policemen from my teaching days. In the UK policemen visit schools a great deal. A Visit From ThePolice from Time for School.

Source: Sixth Sense TV https://youtube.com/c/SixthSenseTVkids

Prevention is better than cure.

I am not sure if my children saw any policemen in their schools in their entire school career here in Australia. I remember walking through the town centre with a policemen I had met in school as a teacher. I was embarrassed as he was in uniform. I felt like a criminal

.Top 10 Police Songs

Source: WatchMojo.com

A Close Shave

My personal favourite Police song is Roxanne. I find it so raw and passionate. I was smiling about Don’t Stand So Close To Me I once had a parent complain that I was not noticing her son’s aftershave. She told me that he was putting more and more on every day. He was nine years old.

Putting on aftershave is an act of courage. Dad found it agonising at times. He did not usually wear it.

I had to teach my son how to do a wet shave. I should have given him a videos like these to watch instead.Dermatologist Gives Shaving 101 Tips

How To Shave for Men – Tips From Gilette

Life Once My Ex Had Moved Out

The Bed’s Too Big Without You. If the link does not direct you to the correct song just assume somebody else has also realised that the bed is too big on his own and is trying to manipulate me. I do not respond to manipulation. I found our bed way too big when my ex moved out. I was so glad to dismantle it and give it to him. I loved living in a smaller bedroom with a smaller bed. I did not feel so lost. I had wished at times however I had a s”six feet ten ” boyfriend to protect me. 😆 at the time. I had never felt so unsafe.

I always loved Sting being a teacher myself.

The Entertainer from The Sting on a 1915s Piano

Don’t Confuse Love With Abuse Day One NY

I was well aware that the Depp V Heard case could well end up opening yet more avenues for abusers to use to harrass their victims. I think Amber heard was treated badly. It was believed at the time of trial she had been the victim of an assault.No steps were taken to protect her in the media etc whatsoever. The social media commentary was vicious. I believe this may have led to an unfair trial.

Sub Judice I believe Depp V Heard clearly illustrates why Sub Judice laws are needed everywhere. However these should not restrict private conversations or conversations people believe are private.

Whatever the outcome of a case, no proven abuse victim should have been treated like Amber Heard. She was utterly defenceless. She was subjected to a modern day lynch mob.


Exodus 23 2

Read Exodus 23 Laws of Justice & Mercy

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