Did Lockdown Create Introvert Heaven?

My daughter has been going out with a guy she met in her online classes through lockdown. I am left wondering  if he would have ever spoken to her, let alone felt able to ask her out, were it not for lockdown. He took his time getting to know her and his first move was inviting her for coffee. I liked the way he handled things. I used to joke with her,

“You realise you are dating right?”

As for me I loved not feeling constantly swamped by other people’s energies. Social-distancing really helped in that respect too.

Perhaps we should also be creating a world which takes introverts and their needs  better into account.

This really explains things well:

Mind of An Introvert by Imballright Celebs

Love ❤ this guys channel it is such a simple, clever idea:

Introvert  V Extrovert  DuringA Pandemic Source: Rich, Black Guy

Kitchen At Parties (New Version) Jonah Louie

As an INFJ  I have periods of extroversion but I need breaks to recharge.

Shut Up and Dance –  Introvert Version Source:WALK THE MOONhttps://youtube.com/c/walkthemoonband

Music is my language.  I have mum to thank for the fact I ever talked to anybody. As an INFJ

I’m A Little Bit Country and A Little Bit Rock & Roll ( From Friends)

The reality is I am actually way more shy even than my daughter but make polite conversation because I have been brought up with manners. My daughter does not seem to hide from guys who show an interest the way I do. I learn by watching her.

Most of the Australians I have come across have no idea how to welcome new people. I always speak to people who look like they are feeling uncomfortable.

Communication: How To Welcome New People

Source: Alexander Fischer

I found Americans to be particularly welcoming. English people welcome people because most of us are taught that this is polite.

My welcome to Australia was more like this:

Hating Alison Ashley

Less than twenty four hours after moving into the building I received my first complaint letter complete with cute little illustrations which were supposed to hide the aggressive message. They didn’t!

He actually told me his precise daily schedule. I felt like the only time we were allowed to make any noise was the two or three hours he was out of the building each day. From memory he was back around 5. At the moment I have an upstairs neighbour who I swear is rollerblading. I accept he is just trying to get on with life. It is a relief to hear somebody going against the reign of terror in this building. Till somebody crushes his spirit like an ant that is.(I might even have some Rollerblades he could borrow.)

Xanadu Finale

I like ants. They know how to co-operate. When I have gone crazy with the bug spray I have even observed them carry off the dead bodies. I think they have a policy of, ” No man gets left behind.”

The Ants were v the bane of my life but I respected them even as I tried to get rid of them. My ex heard somewhere that where you have black ants you don’t get white ants.Ants Attack Termite Mounds

A highlight of the year for our children was swotting the termites as they took off on their annual flight.

Happens Once In A Year Flying Termites

Source:BBC Earth:https://youtube.com/c/bbcearth

As for weeds when predators are attacking weeds they are leaving the main crop alone.

Actually that is another thing my parents used to say

“Whilst they are attacking me, they are leaving somebody else alone.”

Is it somebody else’s turn yet?

It is a balance. Obviously letting the weeds choke the main crop is not good either. I loved all my plants. My weeds if nothing else contributed to the compost. My dad used to pick dandelions and I remember him making dandelion wine.

How To Make Dandelion Wine