Is Narcissistic Rage An Out of Body Experience?

Can It Perhaps Be Treated With Music? (A Theory)

” Music Tames The Savage Beast, “

Max’s Song from Stranger Things

Running Up That Hill (Stranger Things)

A Theory formulated by watching Stranger Things:

One of my friends became a music therapist. An Introduction To Music Therapy

I also had an ex boyfriend who once told me I would not like him, if he didn’t run. I now believe he is on the spectrum. Perhaps the combination of the right music & exercise could make a real difference and stop dark energies from controlling an individual?

Music Therapy & Medicine A Dynamic Partnership

I had a school friend who became a music therapist.

Source: Ted x Talks

A cousin of mine had a stained glass window to St. Cecilia (Patron saint of music) erected in his honour.

The Vamps ft Shawn Mendes – Oh Cecilia

St Cecilia -Wikipedia


When Christmas Carol’s Were Banned (Oliver Cromwell)

Ironically I don” t think many people had more songs written about them than Oliver Cromwell:

Monty Python – Oliver Cromwell

If I have a connection with St, Cecilia,, I am willing to bet somebody round here has a connection to Oliver Cromwell.


Source: Monty Python

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