Getting Heavy About Brexit

Hey don’t threaten me. You should be able to handle the consequences of a poorly-conceived policy. Politics is a rough game, which is why I try to stay out of it. Even if it comes and finds me. I try to stay away from charismatic guys with overblown promises these days as they can get you caught in all manner of nonsense. (Charisma generally makes me view people with suspicion.)

Them Heavy People – Kate Bush

The Brexit Effect- How Leaving The EU Hit The UK

Guy upstairs sounds like he is about to come through the ceiling. If he is upset about Brexit I don’t blame him, so am I.

This seems to be fairly balanced. It is produced by the Financial Times which I generally consider right-leaning. I had no idea that there was so much anger building about Brexit in The UK. In no way was Mr Brexit ever intimidating or rude,

I tried to discover what Johnny Rotten had to say about Brexit, as he normally cuts through the B.S. whether I agree with him or not. However in my view he may have lost the raw, working class edge he once had. The old Johnny Rotten would never have openly aligned himself with the wealthy. I love that he is knotting a hanky to wear on his head here. My uncle was caught by the BBC show Wish You Were Here, asleep with a knotted hanky on his head in the seventies.

He was an interesting character. Always a lovable rogue he had joined up for WW1 under-age. Dad had told me he had once used to have money. He had travelled on the QE2. He also used to gamble in Monte Carlo. He had met the Aga Khan if I remember correctly. Where Do You Go To My Lovely – Peter Sarstedt

His wife, my Great Aunt was very artistic. In later life she had become blind. She had unfortunately died while shopping in Bournemouth.We had heard the ambulance,

British Ambulance Sirens Sound Effect

Source: Emergency Vehicles

Wish You Were Here Bournemouth 1974

Who knows maybe my grandparents are in this video somewhere.

From memory my grandfather built the family home in Bournemouth. I have only ever sat outside it in a car.

Johnny Rotten was once known for being anti-establishment and he stuck two fingers up at the slings and arrows that came with that. That was why we grew to love him.

I am however able to separate the politics from the personal. If my friend needs me and is in trouble of course I am there.

Why We Shouldn’t Regret Brexit The first thing I notice is that the guy talking appears to be intimidated and unconvinced of what he is saying. It reminds me of Johnny Depp’s and Amber Heard’s apology to Australia. This is a spoof!

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard’s Apology Video


Friends In Need

To my friends, if you are in trouble:

Most likely to have found himself at the wrong end of danger as a result of Brexit (Need I even use the word annoying):

You’ve Got A Friend – James Taylor

Saving my friend would help heal a lot of wounds for me.

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