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Abuse-We Can All Help Abuse Victims

Signs of Domestic Violence In The Salon

It is just nice when people show they care!

As a teacher I had a child show up with two black eyes. In those days it was really considered none of our business. The poor gitl had become pretty agitated when I had asked her about it. I still cry thinking about it. ( I had done a study on child abuse when I was at college too and been told it was not really relevant.)The headmaster had been visited later that day by her angry mother. I was basically told to back off! I think it was pretty much my first year of teaching. I hadn’t really known what to do. I think I tried to quietly support her after that in small ways. I just wanted to hug her and carry her away. I will never forget her. She was always stick thin and extremely pale too. That is why things like breakfast clubs matter so much.

I remember crying at the time too!

Volunteer At A School Breakfast Club

The lady who ran ours was wonderful. She would insist that the children use their manners. Some of them were so little we could barely see them above the counter.

I was at home one time when the area where I was teaching flashed onto the screen. It had turned out that the older sister of one of our little boys had been murdered. The family had been in hiding from the father so at first we had assumed it was him. It had turned out that theyoung girl had been working from home as a prostitute and a client had killed her. Her little brother who had happened to be in my ex boyfriend’s class had been in the next room. My ex boyfriend had broken down one day when the children had teased the poor, little boy.