The Dark Side of An INFJ

As an INFJ I am well aware I have a dark side. I do not use it unless I am pushed to extremes. While I am writing this I am thinking of the mirror in the Neverending Story. The reason people are scared of us, is we show them who they really are. If you treat me with respect you are unlikely to ever see my dark side.  I hate to do anything to hurt people but I see your weaknesses and see straight through you. Mostly I try to let you know that I am onto your game, so that you back off. For me everything became  more intense when I had children to protect.

God kept telling me to stop hiding my light.

“If you have a lamp, do you hide it under the table.” I can hear angel’s thoughts. I felt they were frustrated with me for my continual hiding. Brave – Sarah Bereilles

Mind you I am not the only one who is hiding in plain sight.

My witch friend understood me better than most but I strongly disagree with Wicca etc.

I identified with many aspects of the heyoka but do not feel Indians have the full picture. While I am with you, I protect you. I prevent a lot of  potential disasters you never even knew about but once I withdraw my protection then watch out! I am the wrong person to mess with! (Or as my mother has said, “Oh boy are they messing with the wrong person!”). So if you ask me, “Does Your Mother Know?”The answer is,“Yes.”

The Neverending Story

Breaking into my home and my flat was a Big Mistake!! God protects me, my children and our property! I often silently beg you not to do the wrong thing. For your own sake! Mess with my youngsters and all bets are off!

I know the annoying one protected me and if he ever gets the guts to call me Ì can thank him in person. ❤ Apparently I may have to add falling for a peer of the realm to the list of dumb things I have done. I always found money a turn off. I have always been considered a bit Dizzy.

You will not turn me against him! He may be irritating at times but he is not evil.

I never wanted to live in a big empty house like my aunt. She was so lonely.

Gee it’s changed. 47 Darlington Road; Portsmouth. It was my home for two years. Our House –  Madness

Dancing To Hunan League

I think there may have been stuff going on behind the scenes which I did not realise at the time

Rooms On Fire – Stevie  NicksEven the address is named after a Northern town. The guys in the house all came from wealthy backgrounds, except the annoying one or so I thought till now.

Sir Duke –  Stevie  Wonder

Please don’t tell me my daughter has followed down ny path. I mean I know her boyfriend has a mega expensive board game.

I just want to crawl away and hide somewhere right now.

Common People by Pulp Money generally in the past has put me off guys. Perhaps that is why he kept quiet. I am super nervous to investigate his ancestry. Unless of course I turn out out to have royal roots too. It is actually quite likely as so many of my family seem to be buried in the church of the Royal Tudor court. My research seems to suggest that they may have been Plantagenets. My fantasy of having swords attached to my pushchair wheels like Boadicea may be slightly worrying.  Thank goodness that guy had come to my rescue that day as I was waiting at the bus stop and saved me from myself.

The Plantagenets- Britain’s Bloodiest Dynasty

The Real Life History That Inspired Game of Thrones

Babushka-Kate Bush

The only time I ever saw him with another woman was following The Hollies concert. I am beginning to wonder if he was stalking me from the very beginning.Sir Duke – Stevie Wonder. He is the only one who gets away with it! I should have known. He played rugby. It would also seem he was hiding in plain sight. No wonder he was a bit arrogant at times.  When I stop to think about it, I do not believe he was a Cluster B. It’s not like he ever tried to impress anyone or conceal his worst traits.

Lessons In Love Mr Darcy & Elizabeth

We never said goodbye. Breakaway- Gallagher & Lyle

I had shut him completely out of my head or so I thought!

I’m Gonna Get Over You – Sarah Bereilles

I have loved him for over thirty years.  How daft is that?

There is clearly something seriously wrong with me! Actually no! I am proud of myself for not being shallow. He has obviously  sat quietly in my subconscious all this time. It is who I am. Deal with it!

“Football is a gentleman’s game played by ruffians, and rugby is a ruffian’s game played by gentlemen.” Old British saying.

The conversation about ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s ‘took place in the lounge,

Thank You Darling- Wings

.Lovely Day – Bill Withers

My First, My Last, My Everything – Barry White

Matthew 7:6 This verse has been pointed out to me numerous times.

We missed Picasso! Entirely my fault. (

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