Vintage Chanel to Old School Respect

Wow the Princess of Wales has worn vintage Chanel. I guess I am not the only one who prefers clothes with character. Makes me worry that second-hand might finally become chic. Where would that leave me? I might have to switch back to bin bags. I am sure I can find ways not to be described as chic if I try really hard.

Trouble is I can really see somebody giving me a fluorescent pink walking stick one day.

Maybe I should go back to my goth look. I do miss it. I may as well backcomb my hair too or is that too much! I had so much fun when we painted our mailbox red. Trouble is I wouldn’t be able to hide while I watched people’s reactions. I just wanted to liven things up a bit.

I am not sure it would match my complexion. I still love fun. Now my youngsters are young adults, I miss having a legitimate reason to have fun. I am so grateful to God for giving me a sense of humour. It is the only way I have survived the last two decades. I even managed to make my ex genuinely laugh sometimes.

My youngsters were right I am never going to be able to grow old gracefully.

I don’t like being bullied. End of story. I don’t like to see other people being bullied either.

I keep getting ads for cochlear implants. Talk about manipulation. 🎻 I forgot again sorry. Women are supposed to be seen and not heard.

For the record lives were at stake here too. I mean how many women are being quietly beaten round here. The police have already very kindly told me that a very high percentage of their call-outs are for domestic violence but that’s ok so long as they die quietly and don’t make a mess. I mean I had the audacity to leave blood on the coffee table and make a hole in the wall with my body. Maybe you all need cochlear implants, glasses and a CONSCIENCE so that you see what is happening.

Silence is Golden – The Tremeloes

When I attended my battered wives group more than a few of the women came from wealthy backgrounds. (In case you haven’t realised it yet Australia has a huge problem with domestic violence.)

Honestly I had many Moslem fathers in the UK, who were more protective of their daughters. (I told my youngsters that too.) Yet it is always the Moslems getting a bad rap.I grew to be very fond of them. (The most evil little turd I ever taught was actually white)and my favourite young man was Moslem. I could see problems ahead because of the fervour of their religious beliefs however. ) The rate of domestic violence here is a national disgrace! Most of it is probably swept under the carpet. There is a great programme by SBS about domestic violence in Australia which I am in the middle of watching.

“The phrase she’ll be right mate.”should be banned. She is not all right!

Women are expected to know their place. They should have realised I would not know my place. I mean I get lost all the time. Have you read my blog?

If you want to train women like dogs, you should take lessons from Sheldon.

Sheldon Trains Penny

Most of the time here in this building we were scared to breathe. This caused unnecessary tension and distress for all of us. Perhaps you even did that deliberately so you would have cause for complaint.

I see how these apartment blocks operate. I visited another one where the lady seemed to be terrified of her neighbours. They always seem to end up being run by narcissists. Apparently I have a few former friends who are also obviously on the higher end of the narcissistic spectrum too.

I will not sit back and silently tolerate this any more.

I Love ❤ Men. I Just Hate Bullies

Sex Pistols – Brixton Academy 2007 Warning contains strong language not suitable for children!!

My friends went to The Brixton Academy all the time. I wish I had gone now too.

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