Teaching About Love

Maybe I should have done what my youngsters father did and just bugger off. Instead I have been there with my children every single minute of every single day for the last twenty five years. Yet you interfering busy bodies have chosen to attack and try to teach me a lesson instead of holding him and his family to account. Maybe if you had ever had parents willing to sacrifice and be there for you, you would understand but as it is you have lived such empty, vacuous lives that you have grown up believing you know everything. We have sat there clinging to each other in fear as his key turned in the door at times.

“Let me tell you something little boy. You wouldn’t know love if it hit you.”

Not that I like phrases which involve hitting.”

I feel sorry for you all. Nobody ever loved you enough to set you straight or set proper boundaries with you. I am prepared to do the tough stuff, even if my youngsters and idiot strangers like you dislike me for it. I am sorry nobody ever loved you enough to do that for you. Till now that is…

How Much of A Spoiled Brat Are You? I think this is one of the most cruel things to do to a child.

Natalie Co,Natalie Cole Featuring Akeem – Wild Women Do

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