Delayed Processing

One of the issues abuse survivors face is delayed processing.  I woke up this morning and I remembered more about what had happened with the delivery driver. He had rung me and I had first tried to understand who the heck he was. I never answer the phone without being pretty certain who is on the other end nowadays! That is still no reason for the company to be let off the hook. He had not been taught to leave a clear, simple message. His message was incomprehensible. I wonder how many others have experienced the same issues with this guy. He reminds me of the bus driver who did not stop to pick up any passengers.

From My Experience With An Abused  Women’s Group, I learned that Abusers infiltrate everything. Our group leader discovered several men posing as abused women online. Their massive egos just can’t accept victims finishing with them. I even wondered if one of the men masquerading as an abused woman was my ex. I support the idea of domestic abusers wearing ankle bracelets. Let them be the ones who are tracked for a change. GPS Monitors for Domestic Violence Offenders I believe monitors would save the lives of women & children.

Lola by the Kinks.

I only know about delayed processing because another survivor I had met online had mentioned it to me. My ex has turned my brain into mush with his gaslighting and physical abuse. Abuse survivors need to have this taken into account. Don’t ask me how. I am constantly second-guessing myself. I guess I have always had some difficulties in that area but he made it a whole heap worse. It made me think about the times guys have tried to reach me and I just haven’t processed it sometimes till years later.

Introduction To Processing Speed by My Cognition

I keep getting the laughing emoji for some reason. This has absolutely infuriated me. Still it is exactly what happens in real life. For some reason people find these evil characters funny! He has effectively taken a sledge hammer to my brain and you find it funny!! Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel sounds like the kind of thing an abuser might say to a victim.

“Oh let me be your sledgehammer…”

Sledgehammer Lyrics are really sinister when you look at them closely.

I read this article it made me want to cry,

I hadn’t even thought about the times he has caused me to hit my head. It is from The Brain Injury Association of America.


What Is Duty of Care? – Slater & Gordon

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I love him even more now. I think we both might have issues with our processesing speed.I think 35 years is more than enough time to process things.I think he may have not grasped that as far as I was concerned he had stepped on my last nerve He had seemed to assume that his infidelity was just a hiccup.

A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You – The Monkees

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