Reactive Abuse/Self Defence

Reactive abuse is not abuse. It is about survival. We are gladiators fighting for our lives.

My biggest regret is not fighting back sooner. I had two children to raise and this society did nothing but judge and point fingers.

I used to silently long for a man to stand up to him and put him in his place? The men were too busy backslapping.

Actually many of them are probably doing it right now. Well you have blood on your hands. Try reading Macbeth. You learn you never do get rid of it, if you shed or allow the shedding of innocent blood.Lady Macbeth Sleepwalking.

That coffee table I put outside had my blood spilled on it. I had banged my head badly during one of his attacks. If You Want Blood You’ve Got It. -AC/DC I could not bear to have it in the house after that.
I told you I paid for this flat with my blood, sweat and tears. To misquote an iconic Aussie Ad.”Where the bloody he’ll were you?”Don’t get me started on that dreadful play, ‘The Club‘ by David Williamson. Hearing people laugh about domestic violence was unbearable. It has put me off the leading actor in it for life.

“Oh but you are too loud.”

I reckon it’s better than the deafening silence around the extent of the abuse of women in this country.  I really only knew one woman who did not seem to have been abused. Women here routinely cover up for their husbands They enable the abuse of themselves  and other women!

At the  moment I am burning with fury at what most of you allowed to happen to me and my children.  I mean look at you all now. You are still doing it and I’m not supposed to be angry. I am not going to talk about male victims today. Get over it. This is about me and my experiences. I have defended men many times.

As for women who support abusers, there are no words to describe the contempt I feel for you.

My Name Is Luka – Suzanne Vega

Source:Suzanne Vega

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