Thank You So Much For Weeding Yourselves Out From People I know I Can Trust To Be Consistent & Trustworthy Employers & Friends

Sorry I made a bit of a meal out of that one.

Narcissists will love bomb you one minute then be giving you the finger the finger the next. (When they are not busy dealing with the fall-out from a life-time of oat-sowing, to try help them cope with a time spent handing a bunch of narcissists.)


I Was Love Bombed by Julie Nelke

Love bombing is the way abusers get their victims so quickly under their control.

I would like to say here that I have no personal experience of Better As always please do your own research.

Personally I do not have a lot of faith in therapists. Some of them were nearly as damaging as my ex. I found the therapist who actually helped me by prayer and the subsequent recommendation of a friend.

I found most therapists did not have a clue about narcissistic abuse. You do not need somebody talking about peace, love & understanding when you are fresh out of a narcissistic relationship. I needed somebody to extinguish the flames as I exploded. Ask what they know about narcissistic abuse.


See What You Made Me Do -SBS He literally used those words whilst pointing to the me-shaped hole in the wall. I am in the process of watching this. Great so far!👍 I generally trust the ABCand SBS.(As always we need to use discernment when consuming information. )

Narcissists and other Cluster Bs are the cause of most mental illness in my opinion and there is no drug to treat them, When it comes to dealing with victims of narcissistic abuse, Love Is The Drug

I’ll Be There For You – Jess Glynn Corinthians 12:26

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