Teaching Is Not Just A Job

Teaching Is Not Just A Job

I can be a bit fatalistic sometimes. I always felt I was living on borrowed time anyway. I wonder if all children who had cancer or serious cancer scares feel that way in adult life. For over twenty years I was back to hospital at least once a year

I expected that cancer would take me out one day. I love the photo of me in a hospital bed with a cage over my leg. I am smiling away. Everyone had made me feel happy and safe.

One of my teachers had given me a box full of books. She was always kind to me. I said I would come back and visit her even though I was going to junior school. She said I wouldn’t. She was right. I never did. She had helped me a great deal.

My first teacher was another good teacher in many ways but I never forgot that she gave me the slipper for trying to get the girls to play with me in the Wendy house. I think my next teacher(She gave me the box of books.) had loved me with all her heart. Thank you for helping me to understand how you teach from the heart and not just from the head.

I have never forgotten her.

I 😍 the “crazy” teachers. I loved that the teachers at my children’s last school all had their own funny little ways. They were allowed to be themselves. The music teacher was a lovely guy but his class sounded like something out of St Trinian’s. The Mandarin teacher had given my daughter a beautiful pen set. The P.E teacher had a serious coffee addiction. My daughter described him the other day as the best cookery teacher she ever had, I put together a recipe book for her because of him.

When I was with his group on a day out, we had toured the coffee shops of the city!

I blame my own coffee addiction on THIS AD! Nescafe Coffee Ad.

St Trinian’s Animation:https://youtu.be/0ARrxIGUYAY

One of my favourite teachers loved the same book as me:


To Kill A Mockingbird – Video Summary

Mockingbird – Eminem

Eminem comes across as a poet to me. He was also the first person with the courage to speak out against the former president.

A Lovely School

They would prank each other too. Our children loved it

They still send me newsletters. I am glad. It helps me still feel connected. The children loved it.

Brad Henry

“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill a love of learning.”

We have been taught by some beautiful teachers By being yourselves you allowed the children to be themselves.. I am sure our youngsters will be able to add more to this post.

You Don’t Nnow You’re Beautiful – One Direction

Unfortunately I don’t think the children always appreciated how lucky they were to be attending such a special place.

Saint Trinian’s Chant

Teachers have to be allowed our “weird”(Well in my case anyway) selves!

I suspect many of we teachers attempt to give our students a mind of their own. I have a mind of my own too!


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