How Negative & Positive Media Shape Our World

What Took You So Long?

I am sure it wouldn’t be too long before I heard Enough of Your Communist Whining

It is important not to leave things up in the air.

Don’t  Call Me Baby

Reading a bunch of sickeningly positive news stories about an individual made me want to investigate positive news stories further, mainly because I wanted to hurl.(something at the tv)

I am sick of pendulums

The truth must lie somewhere in The Middle

I know what it’s like to have the life sucked right out of you.

Not forgetting my Elastic Heart ❤

Oh yes and our youngsters experienced life in the same class at one point.Sue & Axl Are Classmates

I ignore treacherous people. I let God deal with them.

Getting back to my nails.

Psalm 110 verse 1

Make Your Own Kind of Music

When my son had started to play guitar in my flat and I was worried he was going to disturb people, I had suggested he go play down on the beach.

To me Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty  has the ultimate saxophone 🎷 riff.

I have also told my son that if he loses a woman he truly loves by doing dumb stuff, he may spend the rest of his life regretting it. I have also tried to teach both our children how to properly apologise, I loved the film The Family Man. It shows a guy how different (and happy) his life would have been had he not got on a plane and lost contact with his girlfriend.


The Family Man – Teaching Love – Contains Spoilers – A beautiful  film review by Film Flux

A Simpler Life

How To Make A Guitar Footstool -Part 1

Never Let Her Slip Away -Andrew Gold

How To Make A Guitar Footstool – Part 2

Source: Make It Now

If I Had A Hammer – Peter, Paul & Mary( With Guitar Chords)

Source: Joanne Cooper

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