Consequences For All Gaslighters

Gaslight – The Movie

Source: The Smoking Hat

Gaslighting is the equivalent to taking a baseball bat to somebody’s head.

Stress, Trauma & The Brain This made me want to cry. I experienced twenty years of this. I feel my brain has been reduced to jello. So don’t you dare tell me to just get over it!! Female Screaming Sound Effect

Numb – U2

I am used to betrayal I could never sit back and watch people I love be tortured. Às of tomorrow I am removing you from my blog and my lif I will find,)something negative to write about everybody… Mr Brexit I hope you are happy?Ì was looking forward to breaking away for a year but you all managed to wreck that dream for me. What do you want to hang around with that pompous twit for? You looked like a cat who got the cream when I found out we would be sharing. I can’t help my feelings

“What profiteth a man if he gains the whole world but loseth his soul?.
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