British Newspapers In A Nutshell

Please bring the Sunday Sport To Australia. It is so long sins we had the chance to really read some entertaining news!

Something New – Girls Aloud

Who Reads The Papers? FromYes Minister

Samantha Fox – Touch Me

This really explains bias in British papers. I read the Mail because I could fold it up. OK guys thanks for this little gem.How To Fold It- The Art of Reading Financial Times Weekend

Source  BBC Studio

Samantha Fox used to  be a page 3 girl at The Sun.

Whatever Happened To Samantha Fox? Sounds like she might have had a narcissistic father. Interesting story but dealing with narcissists is harder away from your country of birth. Dealing with male narcissists in a patriarchal society is nigh on impossible. What Is Patriarchy The amount of male back-slapping here is just ridiculous.

5 Ways Patriarchy Affects Men & Their Relationships – The RadicalTherapist

I feel that men just need to work out what really helps them lead “rich, full and meaningful lives.”

Living A Meaningful Life Is As Simple As Storytelling

Pixar In A Box – Introduction To Storytelling

Monsters Inc. Bedtime is a perfect picture of a guy facing the challenges of fatherhood for the first time.

giphy.comThis makes me cry. A beautiful father-daughter type relationship. My dad was a big softy like this.

Daddy’s Little Girl Mum gave me my toughness and resilience but Dad gave me my heart.

Daft Dad

We had been participating in something similar to the Hunger Games. Katniss Everdene In The Hunger Games courtesy of my ex husband.

I am so glad I have my mother in me too. I often asked myself what would Mum do? My mum is funny. The Perfect Mother SNL

My ex would view porn online. I would have much preferred he viewed magazines by him doing things that way he was potentially exposing all of us to smut and dodgy websites, especially since our accounts were interlinked. I had endless fun with the copy of Playboy I found in the lounge of the house I was sharing.