Caution ⚠️  This Contains Humour.

The Last INFJ: In The Eyes of a Clinical Psychologist

Cunk On Britain – The Empire Strikes Back- An Hilarious Look At British History

Exercise caution when watching contains a lot of real history, mixed in with large doses of British sarcasm.


Australians seem to have trouble understanding my sarcasm. One way I found of fighting back.

Helen Fielding and The Sophisticated Subtlety of British Humour

I Was Only Joking – Rod Stewart

The British poke more fun at themselves than they do at anybody else.

All of My Friends Are Back Home. Delta Goodrem

My own self-deprecating humour was once mentioned in my school report. I used to embarrass friends (and boyfriends) by doing hopscotch down the street. My best friend (Bless her) had joined in behind me.

(She has never forgiven me, as she was spotted.)

My best friend passed the hopscotch test. but she lost her cool 😎  image once and for all. First time I met her she was wearing a leather biker jacket and had turned up on the back of a motor bike. A flat “mate^ had once parked her biker friends in the lounge overnight and demanded that we all tiptoe around. She was a bit rough but her boyfriend was lovely!

Find Your Hotel with Fiends and Family

I will say there is a former biker in my ex husband’s family. He is the best of the bunch. I defended him when a family friend had run him down to the in-)aws. HE USED TO SIT UP ALL NIGHT LISTENING TO MUSIC, We have quite a similar taste, He is also the least chauvinistic Australian guy I know!

Gold – John Stewart

Ventura Highway – America

Great Southern Land

Goanna -Solid Rock

When The River Runs Dry

Eagle Rock

This is Australia This always made me Smile as there is a lot of truth in it.

I have threatened many times to tell her youngsters what we used to get up to. My darling friend has always maintained her dignified silence. Mind you it is hard to remain dignified at heavy  metal concerts. From a teacher’s perspective  I might have stated we were a “bad influence” on each other. 😆  When it comes to what we our exploits she has always been “I know nothing!!”

The Very Best of Sergeant Schultz    Source: Dan Hammond

All I Wanna Do Is Have Some Fun. -Sheryl Crowe I have an idea that Sheryl Crowe might know a thing or two about narcissists.

The Wind Beneath My Wings.- Pia Toscano

I no longer feel that the hopscotch test is effective as it oes not defend against people who mirror you and it perhaps drives away some genuine but shy people.

I had great fun at my bachelorette party. Even birds joined in on the fun. Actually I think they were warning me of my future treatment as a wife!

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